Christan Mark Spices

Our goal is to serve as an accelerator of competitiveness, we aim to achieve this by assisting in the discovery of opportunities for improvement in business processes, leveraging internal capacity and optimizing the use of resources.

Table 3.1. Advising projects
Last update: 15-Mar-2020

 2020-2020Crown Sprouts Assisting with HACCP plan implementation and production
2016-2020Christan Mark Spices Assisting with Food Safety Management System 
2019-2020 Raffaele Di MammaAssisted in Tomato Sauce Production
2016-2020 Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services Corp.
2012-2020 Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services Corp. LUNIOS House
2014-2019 Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services Corp. Health-e-treats
2015-2015  Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPHRC) Raising the standards project
(maintenance and sanitation)
2015-2015 Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) Food traceability technical advisory groups 
2013-2013 Context Reporting Sustainability reporting in the food and beverage sector
 2012-2013 IdeaConnection Ingredient retention in meat systems
2012-2013 IdeaConnection Fresh fruit project (winning team)
2012-2013 Urban Produce Planning of urban farming projects
2011-2011 Acropolis Organics Market research on olive oil
2011-2011 Institute of Food Technologists Food safety and defense crisis response
2009-2011 Institute of Food Technologists Sub-panel on sustainability (member)
2006-2009 University of Guelph Teaching assistant advisory group
2007-2008 Knights of Columbus Building association (lounge administration)
2005-2006 Rocky Rococo Pizza Supervisor (job)
2003-2004 Texas A&M University Recreational sports center advisory committee
1999-1999 Escuela Agricola Panamericana Food processing plants Instructor assistant
1999-1999 Escuela Agricola Panamericana Dormitories student leader